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What a day we have tonight 

The sun will rise at midnight 

Two lines and horizon outshines 

The world is now so cold 

It’s time, prepare to a flash light 


I wish I could I tried 

Pray sotto voce while set myself a price 

The epilogue of mankind 

Judgment night paraline before midnight 


The world is going down 

Two minutes to countdown 

Whatever you are 

Whatever you do 

The world is in you 

And we’re breaking it through 

Two minutes to midnight 


I rise I live I die 

Two thousand years pursue the limitless 

We’ve lost self-consciousness 

Create holy gods just to kill them by our hands 


No glory will remain 

The shadow strips our fame 

Together we fought 

Together we fell 

The world is still round 

But no one around 

Two minutes past midnight 


This is confess, final breath, when your life ends 

Time to turn back to realize what this life meant 


Trying to brake 

Is never too late 

The world won’t awake 

While you hesitate 

Two minutes to midnight

Paraline - Apocalypse Now, artwork (1400x).jpg
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